Trusted by

700,000 students -
1000 Educational institutions

More than 700,000 students and more than 1000 Educational institutions have trusted TEST4U since its first circulation in 2003.

Educational adequacy and technologic excellence became the major factors of its success.

2 accredited certification bodies

Keep in mind that TEST4U set the basis for the creation of two (2) accredited certification bodies: DIPLOMA in 2009 and Key-cert in 2006.

Why have they trusted TEST4U?

It assesses the result, not the way of implementing instructions.

TEST4U combines authentic applications, Live questions and assessment of the result, not of the way of answering questions, thus requiring the candidates’ critical approach, not a mechanical sample reproduction. [What live questions are?]

Solution-video for every question.

Displaying a solution video after a wrong answer to a question, contributes in learning and consolidating the syllabus.

Performance statistics

Statistics on student performance contribute to his/her better preparation either for a successful participation in certification exams or for a professional training course.

Click here to see the Statistics offered by TEST4U.

separator Creating your own set of questions

Parameterization of the system means you have the option of creating your own set of questions and adapt TEST4U to your company needs. In this way, it is possible for you to select e.g. 30 questions from 6000 that are available in TEST4U so as to base your employees’ evaluation on these specific questions only.

Adding your own questions

Adding your own questions in TEST4U contributes to a greater extent to its adaptation in your company needs.

More specifically the following types of questions are available for you to choose from:

  1. Multiple choice questions
    There are five (5) possible answers for every multiple choice question. Either one (1) or two (2) of them can be correct.
  2. Text input questions
    Students type their answers in a specific field.
  3. Matching questions
    There are up to (4) pairs of possible answers for every question.
  4. Right or Wrong questions
    Candidates decide whether a question is right or wrong.

If you want to add Live questions, please contact our office.