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Technology has brought sweeping changes to the way we work.

The evolution of technology has transformed the work environment into an environment where efficiency and effectiveness play a key role in the development of an enterprise. Employees are required to know how to perform their job properly and quickly. TEST4U has developed a special edition to properly prepare you to work in a modern office environment.

But what are you talking about? I have an IT Certificate!


TEST4U Business line

Yes, everyone has one of those Certificates. But how many are able to perform the tasks it reflects? The vast majority of those with an IT Certificate have passed the exams simply by learning by heart how to answer specific questions and have not practiced any of the skills that they are supposed to have acquired since then.

What’s the response of the Labor market?


TEST4U Business line

Most enterprises are aware of the situation and assess the candidates’ skills prior to hiring. Are you certain that you would pass the assessment that you will be asked to?

Which module is your first priority to start with? TEST4U will prove to be your greatest ally during gaining new skills.