TEST4U for LPIC-1: Linux Administrator

For successful Exam participation


TEST4U covers the most recent syllabus (version 5.0), so that you will be properly prepared for a successful participation in the certification exams, much like more than 700.000 satisfied customers since 2003 have been.

The Linux Professional Institute launched the LPIC-1 to cover the need for a certification that would validate the ability of candidates to perform the tasks needed from a Linux System Administrator.

We have developed an online training system that lets you train using an actual Linux server. This means you use your browser to access a Linux server which we deployed just for you. There you will be able to experiment and answer the live questions of the courses, instantly receiving feedback of whether you answered them correctly or incorrectly.

To earn the LPIC-1 certification, the candidate needs to pass two different exams.

The Exam Courses


E.C.D.L. Base Modules

These exams cover the necessary skills to validate a candidate’s proficiency in real world system administration.

TEST4U provides live questions that cover the full extent of the LPIC-1 certification objectives (version 5.0).
This way you complete daily maintenance tasks and learn, getting your hands dirty.

The exam courses are: