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LIVE Questions
(or in-ates questions)
(flash, shockwave)
1. Real application environment
2. All application features and functions are available

...and why are these
1. Simulation application environment
2. Only some of the application functions are programmed.

...and why are these disadvantages?
If you want to display a piece of
text in bold font...
  1. you can select the text and click the B icon or
  2. you can select the text and use the CTRL+ B key combination or
  3. you select the text and navigate to the appropriate tab or
  4. you can use any other way you know better

You must know by heart the way of answering questions as they have been set by the programmer.
If the programmer has not included the CTRL+ B option, you will not be able to apply bold font using this key combination.

  1. Real application environment
    TEST4U allows training in the application environment usually required at workplaces.
  2. Facilitates Familiarization
    Training in the real application environment facilitates your familiarization with all functions and the working environment of the application.
    Simulation applications, on the other hand, narrow your familiarization down to the programmed functions.


  1. Examination environment
    You are trained in the environment you will be examined. Keep in mind that the majority of the computer certification bodies (e.g. E.C.D.L., Microsoft, Cambridge, DIPLOMA, etc.) examine candidates in real applications; not in their simulations.
  2. Train or evaluate personnel
    In case you use TEST4U to train or evaluate personnel, keep in mind that the process of creating new questions, that will train or evaluate personnel on subjects considered important for your company, is very fast because you do not need to create the entire simulation environment.
  3. Not affected by flash or shockwave updates
    TEST4U cannot be affected by flash or shockwave player updates. You don't need to worry that TEST4U might not run properly.
  4. New versions
    In case a new MS-Word version is released providing new functions and an updated environment, TEST4U will not need to copy its entire new environment and functions. On the contrary, a simulation program will have to undertake this time-consuming process.
  5. Evaluate in different versions at the same time
    TEST4U allows your company to train or evaluate personnel in different MS-Office, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, etc. versions at the same time.
  6. Runs everywhere
    TEST4U runs on all versions of Windows, MS-Office and open source office suites like OpenOffice and LibreOffice.
  7. Screen resolutions
    TEST4U runs on all available screen resolutions. You can use the entire screen area, if you want to, not a small part of it as simulation applications do.