How TEST4U works

TEST4U is an automated test automatically grading candidate’s answer to a question.

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TEST4U features can help you:

  1. Assess your knowledge in MS-Office, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, AutoCAD etc. [see all supported applications]
  2. Prepare yourself appropriately to participate in certification exams [e.g. MOS, DIPLOMA, E.C.D.L. / I.C.D.L.].
  3. Evaluate your employees [read more about evaluation tests]

Uses real applications

TEST4U is based on real application software. Therefore, if you want to train yourself e.g. on OpenOffice features, you must have installed OpenOffice application on your computer beforehand. So TEST4U is not a simulation application.

Assessing the result, not the way of answering questions

TEST4U cooperates with the actual, installed applications. In simple words, it sets the conditions for training on Live questions, which actually assess the result, not the way of answering questions. [What Live questions are?]

Training in the real application environment

The use of real applications guarantees that the training environment is the same as the application environment. So if you choose to train yourself on Open Office, all Open Office features will be available to you. If, on the other hand, TEST4U was a simulation application using e.g. Adobe Flash platform, only the features set by the programmer would be available for you.

So, if using e.g. Libre Office is one of your professional requirements, TEST4U will give you the chance to train yourself on the authentic Libre Office environment, the one you will use at your workplace as well.

A solution video for every question

In case you have answered a question wrongly, TEST4U will display a solution video for you to learn how to answer it correctly.

Student statistics

TEST4U allows monitoring your performance yourself by providing statistics for all of your answers.
Statistics are available not only for every student but for every class as well. Thereby you can have a picture of the overall class performance.

Click here to see the Statistics offered by TEST4U.