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TEST4U Business Powerpoint for Presentations
English version

Last updated: 22 Aug 2020
Rely on TEST4U because it offers:
  • Variety - 352 exercises for TEST4U Business Powerpoint for Presentations
  • Training Hours - Purchase hours for practice according to your individual needs
  • Unlimited Tests - No limit to the times a question runs, unlike competitive software
  • Classification - Distinct subcategories ?
  • Feedback - Immediate evaluation of answers ?
  • Help - Incorporated Video-solutions ?
  • Plenitude - It covers 100% the certification syllabus
  • Adequacy - Same environment as the exams’
  • Flexibility - Practice on any Computer
  • Multi-Project Questions
  • Updates - Access to updated version
  • More than 700.000 professionals have trusted TEST4U since 2003

Available languages: Greek, English, German.

TEST4U Business Powerpoint for Presentations


What does it take to become an inspirational speaker? 

To what extent do you use the tools included in Microsoft PowerPoint to create stunning presentations?

Would you accept the challenge to become the right hand of a technologically ignorant manager?


Fact #1:

No matter how familiar you are with Microsoft PowerPoint, the new versions always include tools that help you create eye-catching presentations that grab everyone's attention.

TEST4U Business Powerpoint for Presentations-English version

It is high time to improve


A 15-hour time investment in TEST4U will reward you in future cases, such as strict deadlines, hard-to-impress audiences, customers who are not so familiar with technology.


It is one of the few cases you can improve your productivity without effort.

Fact #2:

Hard-skilled employees have more time to invest into other aspects of their career, since they waste no time trying to find ways to perform their tasks.

Soft skills improvement is a road that people take on their own.


This is not the case with hard skills. And this is why the gaining of hard skills used to be considered easier.


However, it turns out that the impact on productivity caused by insufficiently hard-skilled employees is so important, that the Business World prioritized hard skills over soft skills.

TEST4U Business Powerpoint for Presentations-English version

Fact #3:

IT Certifications are good to have, but do not prove actual skills. IT Certifications only prove that you were trained sufficiently so as to pass the Exam. And yes, the HR Departments are aware of this.

TEST4U Business Powerpoint for Presentations-English version

The diminishing intrinsic value of IT Certificates has become commonplace and the business world knows about it.


To remedy the situation, the majority of HR Departments ask for pre-employment assessments to test the existence of the skills mentioned on the Candidate’s CVs.

Fact #4:

More and more people realize the situation and are trying to find a solution.

Am I competent enough?
Am I trained enough?
Can I respond to the challenges efficiently?


You are not alone in these worries.
Professionals all over the globe keep questioning the same


This is why we developed the new TEST4U Business line.


Inspired by all those office workers who need to invest in developing their skills further.
Inspired by all those managers who need to find ways to impress their audience and coworkers.
Inspired by all those professionals who need to work smarter and quicker, not harder.

TEST4U Business Powerpoint for Presentations-English version
More than 700.000 Candidates have trusted TEST4U for their Training since 2003.
This is what they say:

TEST4U: The ultimate training tool for your success

You have realized the importance of knowing how to adequately use Microsoft PowerPoint to advance your career. So, your next step is to find a way to fill this skills gap. You have probably made up your mind to go for e-learning, instead of wasting time and money on physically located alternatives. However, you know that the problem with e-learning is that watching video-lessons has proven to be insufficient as a learning technique.

Yes, we know that. That’s why we developed TEST4U under a different scope.


This is why more than 700.000 professionals have trusted the TEST4U way of training since 2003.


TEST4U is a hands-on interactive training platform, not a prerecorded boring video with instructions.

TEST4U trains you in an engaging way, allowing you to fully control the time you spend on each task, the tasks you want to repeat, the number of revisions you need, where you want to focus and the feedback you get for each task.

It’s all up to you!

The latest trends show that in order to properly function in a business environment, you need know how to use Microsoft PowerPoint in the following cases:



  • Using the Application
  • Create and Manage Presentations
  • Insert and Format Text, Shapes, and Images
  • Insert Tables, Charts, SmartArt, and Media
  • Apply Transitions and Animations
  • Manage Multiple Presentations



TEST4U contains the right number of exercises to cover each objective through examples derived from real life occasions.
TEST4U Business Powerpoint for Presentations-English version

During your professional life, you will be asked to make presentations, be it for a new product line, a new cooperation, or as part of new employees training.

The most common tool to use for this purpose is Microsoft PowerPoint, however, more often than not, its very robust tools are ignored. The reason? People do not know how to step out of the simple stuff and take advantage of the new potentials of the latest versions of PowerPoint.

This course is designed for those who need to take the next step, so it includes all necessary pieces of information that you need, ranging from basic to more advanced levels.

The training covers the basic use and settings of PowerPoint in order to create a simple presentation. Building on these skills, you will learn how to use templates, order and group your slides.

The next topic includes the various printing options, so as to make sure that the output is consistent with the image of the enterprise for the audience.

An effective presentation contains more than plain text. So, will learn how to enhance it with Pictures, Graphs, Videos and other graphical elements.

However, the key point that makes the difference in a presentation is the right choice of animations and transitions (among the tens that PowerPoint includes), between objects and between slides.

This course concludes by training you on the use of multiple presentation files, as well as the various saving and password protection options.

Upon completion of the course you will be able to bring to life any presentation you may come up with!


Download the TEST4U Business Powerpoint for Presentations Test which contains tests and exercises for practice.

More than 700.000 professionals have trusted TEST4U for their exam preparation since 2003. Be the next one.

14 reasons why TEST4U is all you need


  1. More than an E-course
    TEST4U is very different from an e-course. TEST4U will let you actively participate in the learning process, instead of just watching a video-lesson.
  2. Exams are performance-based. So is TEST4U
    The exams are performance-based, therefore Candidates are expected to be able to perform under a high pressure environment. Answering multiple choice questions is not helping you consolidate; learning how to perform multi-project tasks which are very similar to the ones you will face in the actual exam, is.
  3. TEST4U is a Tutor, only virtual
    Who doesn’t need instant feedback about how they just answered a question? Immediate evaluation of each of the answers you submit is the core idea behind TEST4U. But it’s not just a “right” or “wrong” message. It’s a dedicated video-solutions with the right steps to take in order to answer properly. This is what a real Tutor would do: Give you tasks to solve (multi-project ones, if he is as good as TEST4U) and guide you step-by-step, to demonstrate you the right way to approach each question.
  4. Covers 100% the Objective Domains
    With TEST4U you will cover 100% all the Objective Domains:
    • Using the Application
    • Create and Manage Presentations
    • Insert and Format Text, Shapes, and Images
    • Insert Tables, Charts, SmartArt, and Media
    • Apply Transitions and Animations
    • Manage Multiple Presentations
  5. Includes 352 exercises
    Not only are there too many questions to practice on, but they are of the same level of difficulty as compared to what you will face at the exams. Ok, yeah, some of them are slightly trickier, but the point is to learn, right?
    Solving them all will give you an increased sense of self-confidence during the exam and will help you learn how to manage your time better.
  6. Target your training
    Ok, you are familiar with many of the tools in PowerPoint. But not with everything. This is why TEST4U has broken down into categories the entire Syllabus, to help you personalize your training and focus in the less-known areas.
  7. Repeat, repeat, repeat
    As many times as you feel that you need to. There are no limits. You may practice on the same question again and again until you are satisfied with your results.
  8. Experience matters, but a brush-up is always a good idea
    Even if you are an experienced user, you will upgrade your knowledge to the latest version of Microsoft Office.
  9. Trust the Experts
    TEST4U is not another e-learning material. TEST4U is different. Our years of classroom training experience and teaching techniques have been incorporated in TEST4U. As a result, TEST4U covers 100% the syllabus of Certiport Certification Body.
  10. Choose the option that suits you best
    A 15-hour training package is ideal for the Candidates with a prior familiarization with the application, but this is not the case with all of the Candidates out there. If your experience is limited, or if you haven’t participated in an exam lately, the 25-hour training package will allow you to train at your own pace.
  11. Access to the latest updates
    TEST4U provides access to the latest updated version of the TEST4U module you selected, all features included (new questions, updates e.tc.). Just login and the updated version will install automatically.
  12. Access TEST4U from anywhere!
    Do you need to access TEST4U from more than one PCs or locations? We encourage you to do so! TEST4U is the most flexible training platform, that allows you to train according to your account and does not commit you to a specific PC or Workstation.
  13. Take your time to try it!
    Download the TEST4U Demo which contains tests and exercises for practice, to try it out.
  14. TEST4U is more than widespread around the globe
    More than 700.000 Candidates have trusted TEST4U for their exam preparation since 2003. Be the next one.
Minimum system requirements
CPU: Pentium® 4 (or newer)
RAM: 512ΜΒ +
Hard disk free space: 1-10GB
Minimum screen resolution: 1280x720 (size of text, apps and other items 100%)

Operating system: Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 (updated with newer service pack - Region Format: English (United States))
Internet Explorer: 10+
MS Office Powerpoint 365 or 2019 or 2016 or 2013 or 2010 or 2007 - English Version (Fully Functional) must be installed - There must be only one version installed
Continuous Internet connection is required
Last updated: 22 Aug 2020
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Training Οbjectives
This product covers the following syllabus. You can see the sections covered as well as the number of questions by clicking on each tab.
  338 14 352
1.0. Using the Application 15 9 24
SECTION 1 1.1. Working with Presentations SAMPLE QUESTION 8 2 10
SECTION 2 1.2. Enhancing Productivity SAMPLE QUESTION 7 7 14
2.0. Create and Manage Presentations 91 5 96
SECTION 1 2.1. Create a Presentation SAMPLE QUESTION 7 4 11
SECTION 2 2.2. Insert and Format Slides SAMPLE QUESTION 19 0 19
SECTION 3 2.3. Modify Slides, Handouts, and Notes SAMPLE QUESTION 18 0 18
SECTION 4 2.4. Order and Group Slides SAMPLE QUESTION 5 0 5
SECTION 5 2.5. Change Presentation Options and Views SAMPLE QUESTION 13 1 14
SECTION 6 2.6. Configure Presentations to Print or Save SAMPLE QUESTION 11 0 11
SECTION 7 2.7. Configure and Present Slideshows SAMPLE QUESTION 18 0 18
3.0. Insert and Format Text, Shapes, and Images 122 0 122
SECTION 1 3.1. Insert and Format Text SAMPLE QUESTION 45 0 45
SECTION 2 3.2. Insert and Format Shapes and Text Boxes SAMPLE QUESTION 44 0 44
SECTION 3 3.3. Insert and Format Images SAMPLE QUESTION 14 0 14
SECTION 4 3.4. Order and Group Objects SAMPLE QUESTION 19 0 19
4.0. Insert Tables, Charts, SmartArt, and Media 60 0 60
SECTION 1 4.1. Insert and Format Tables SAMPLE QUESTION 19 0 19
SECTION 2 4.2. Insert and Format Charts SAMPLE QUESTION 17 0 17
SECTION 3 4.3. Insert and Format SmartArt SAMPLE QUESTION 19 0 19
SECTION 4 4.4. Insert and Manage Media SAMPLE QUESTION 5 0 5
5.0. Apply Transitions and Animations 21 0 21
SECTION 1 5.1. Apply Transitions between Slides SAMPLE QUESTION 4 0 4
SECTION 2 5.2. Animate Slide Content SAMPLE QUESTION 7 0 7
SECTION 3 5.3. Set Timing for Transitions and Animations SAMPLE QUESTION 10 0 10
6.0. Manage Multiple Presentations 27 0 27
SECTION 1 6.1. Merge Content from Multiple Presentations SAMPLE QUESTION 10 0 10
SECTION 2 6.2. Finalize Presentations SAMPLE QUESTION 17 0 17
Multi-Project Questions 2 0 2